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  • 21CC Education

    21CC Education is an ed-tech company that focuses on creating skill develop- ment content for frontline workers in the transportation and logistics industry. 21CC uses a gamified and highly visual approach via the 21CC App to host content that provides a visual representa- tion of (air)ports, warehouses, cold storage units etc.

  • Citylogistik

    Angel Last Mile

    ANGEL sees itself as a new convenience delivery service. In contrast to conventional parcel service providers who work with highly standardized processes, ANGEL can act agile and focus directly on customer requirements.

  • Beratung

    Appanion Labs

    At Appanion we develop strategies, prototypes and concrete action plans to work successfully with new key technologies such as artificial intelligence.

  • Applygator

    Innovative start-up and mid-market financing with APPLYGATOR through strategic use of public funding. APPLYGATOR offers a solution, positions itself as an alternative to the bank and enables a new type of corporate financing.

  • BlackGull

    BlackGull is a TradeTech digital platform where SMEs can find trustable trading partners abroad, negotiate and close import/export deals, and keep an auditable track record of them. All of it through a single tool, powered by blockchain, that increases trust, efficiency, control and transparency.

  • Schifffahrt


    BOXXPORT brings everything together to help you buy, sell, lease, auction and manage your containers online. BOXXPORT means: speed, real-time market information, internationalisation and fleet management.

  • Citylogistik


    Breeze is developing the future of environmental sensing and analysis software. Our miniature air quality sensors measure all important pollutants - for example soot, nitrogen oxides, ozone, fine dust and many more.

  • CTC

    Cyber Transport Control GmbH (CTC) is a company for IoT software and hardware development with the product "Wireless Intelligent Logistics" (WIL). WIL is a system for seamless, efficient and legally compliant monitoring of sensitive transport units in supply chains.

  • Cargo stream

    Comprehensive SaaS end-to-end solution, managing the whole logistics chain in one place (for land transportation by trucks).

  • Cargoledger

    CargoLedger delivers the digital transformation of the supply chain, transport and logistics with block chain. Paperless with better, more timely and accurate information for greater control, efficiency and significant cost savings for all parties involved. Our customers are shippers, retailers, freight forwarders.

  • Rail&Road


    As a full service provider, we carry out truck transports in window traffic. With artificial intelligence we optimize the utilization of the trucks and reduce costs, traffic and CO2 emissions.

  • Citylogistik


    We bring Blockchain to the real economy - with training, consulting and implementation. Within the framework of the COBILITY initiative, which we co-founded, we are building the decentralized network for transport logistics together with the stakeholders in the industry.

  • Schifffahrt


    Closelink offers shipping companies an online based platform for the optimized purchasing of leading ship resources. The initial focus is on lubricating oils. The platform is divided into a SaaS solution in combination with an extended network of suppliers worldwide.

  • Connectyd by Sunato

    Connectyd provides fully automated data exchange between internal applications, business partners, stores, devices and much more. They communicate with modern cloud APIs as well as with old ERP systems, extract, convert and distribute data and permanently monitor the data flow.

  • Beratung

    Die DigitalLand- schaftsGärtnerin

    I will enable you to design a digital landscape that is optimal for you. With many years of experience in the digital transformation of the retail and logistics industries, as a digital lobbyist and as an expert for IT hardware and software, I offer individuals, companies, associations, authorities and NGOs help to help themselves.

  • Dispodyn

    Dispodyn applies advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to optimize inventory and increase delivery performance with an Al-as-a-service. The engine can be seamlessly connected to existing ERP or inventory/order fulfillment systems.

  • Warehouse

    Doks Innovation

    Our solutions bundle smart sensors with machine learning algorithms around intralogistics, warehousing and warehouses, inventory and master data acquisition as well as automated data acquisition in in- and outbound processes.

  • Drive4Drivers

    "Social Recruiting" is the formula for success of our job recommendation portal "Drive4drivers", which we have developed in response to the continuing shortage of drivers in the transport industry...

  • Citylogistik


    Ducktrain takes inner-city and intra-company transport to a new level of efficiency. Ducktrain is a combination of any guiding object and one or more electrically driven light vehicles - also called "Ducks" - which automatically follow the guiding object...

  • Rail&Road


    With our cost-effective and easy-to-use data logging service we make large data volumes and IoT a reality.


    Autonomous vehicles won’t ever be 100% autonomous. To bridge this gap, FERNRIDE is building the leading teleoperation software platform, fully enabling driverless vehicles.

  • Citylogistik


    Graphmasters is a specialist for routing services and optimization and develops software for traffic management, logistics and navigation for well-known customers from all over Europe...

  • Schifffahrt


    HASYTEC is the manufacturer of the in-house developed, ultrasound-based Dynamic Biofilm Protection System. It was developed to prevent the formation of biofilm and the resulting consequences such as marine growth, fouling, bacteria ...

  • Hublock

    Hublock enables the creation of automated processes in logistics on a graphical interface and simplifies communication and data exchange between all participants in the logistics chain regardless of the IT solution used in the organization.

  • IMN

    International Mail Net GmbH offers its customers solutions for the dispatch of press products, mailings, merchandise shipments and parcels. IMN makes sure that your shipments reach the recipient in the best possible way, from pickup to sorting and delivery.

  • INN-ovativ

    The company "INN-ovativ" was founded with the aim of innovation in the forwarding industry. The employees are faced with the challenge of constantly dealing with changing legal bases, new products, systems or procedures. For this purpose we have to provide them with the latest knowledge and the necessary competence.

  • InstaFreight

    InstaFreight is your digital logistics partner for road freight transport in Europe. Through digital innovation we create transparency and efficiency while saving costs for shippers and carriers at the same time.

  • ItsMyCargo

    ItsMyCargo is the solution for small and medium sized freight forwarders to sell their services online and save loads of time in the sales process. Our white-label web application serves as an intuitive and fast frontend where customers and agents can find and book quotations. The admins set rates for sea, air, rail and truck services and accept incoming shipments.

  • Rail&Road


    JITpay™ digitizes the billing processes in logistics. Within the framework of the Central Accounting System (ZAL®), JITpay™ handles the accounting of all logistics costs for shippers, freight forwarders and haulage companies.


    Supply chains are highly fragmented in many aspects. Billions of interfaces are the result while the need of data availability and exchange is becoming an increasingly critical business asset. helps companies to exchange data – smarter, faster and highly cost efficient.

  • Intralogistik

    M2 Hycon

    Achieve industry leadership through integrated data analysis.

  • Media

    Marine Media

    Marine Media is active in online marketing, online advertising, social media and events. We develop suitable SEM and SEO solutions to improve the visibility of your brand. With our network of maritime partners we bring the right people together and enable sustainable success.

  • Incubator

    Maritime Data Systems

    We are a maritime STARTUP incubator. We have solutions with artificial intelligence for the maritime world. We build maritime start-ups that last!

  • Merchain

    Merchain is a Collaboration Platform to assist procurement and supply chain Professionals in SME and small freight forwarder to collaborate digitally through Merchain’s Collaboration Rooms and to manage their processes in the same place.

  • Moove Connected Mobility

    We are experts in the field of vehicle telematics. With intelligent technologies we contribute to more efficiency and safety in traffic. Thus we offer you concrete tools to improve your operative business process.

  • Beratung


    MüLog supports medium-sized companies in the sustainable digitalization of business models and logistics processes in order to enable a future-proof transformation of companies, supply chains and processes.

  • Schifffahrt


    NautilusLog is a digital logbook as a smartphone app, adapted to the needs of the maritime industry. NautilusLog controls and automates relevant business processes, generates reports and connects the crew with its management, partners and authorities for joint activities. ...

  • Schifffahrt


    TuginMotion (TiM) works as an extension to your existing Management System, enhancing data processing and reducing time and resources. TiM gives instant and accurate fuel consumption data on every tug, and even benchmarks actual consumption against optimum consumption – all without the need to manually input data.

  • Neohelden

    Neohelden is a B2B software startup reshaping maintenance and inspection processes by reducing complex processes to simple conversations, building the basis for improved productivity. Companies can efficiently solve their everyday challenges with inefficient, paper-based and non-integrated maintenance processes.

  • Robotics


    Nomagic is building smart pick-and-place robots for automate repetitive tasks in warehouses with the so called Magicloader.

  • Luftfahrt

    PRIOjet Logistics

    Spare parts for a machine or an airplane, documents, missing and directly needed means for production... highly urgent transports, which are unplannable and need immediate implementation: PRIOjet Logistics is the platform for initiation, handling and accounting of emergency logistics...

  • New Technologies

    Patient Zero

    Modern 3D applications display content in a more vivid and tangible way than classic media. Thanks to powerful engines such as Unity or the Unreal Engine, we can develop them for you at low cost.

  • Beratung

    ProLog Innovation

    ProLog Innovation supports digital decision-making processes and the creative development of organizations.


    We see ourselves as a link between various organizations, systems, processes and people. As a specialized interface developer, we design optimal solutions for the problems of our project partners. In doing so, we help large and small companies to model cross-system business processes and implement them in an innovative way.

  • Schifffahrt


    Searoutes is an API first company which brings accurate data to empower current digital supply chain solutions. Our mission is to make freight transportation become greener by optimizing routes.

  • Citylogistik


    We offer you a simple and uniform interface to all relevant shipping service providers in Germany. Thanks to the modern RESTful API and 50+ integrations in the leading store, ERP and WaWi systems, you can integrate our service without much effort.

  • Schifffahrt


    SHIPSTA FLEX offers a truly end-to-end solution as an integrated process, including Rate Management, eProcurement, Freight Calculator, Scenario Designer, Freight Settlement and KPI Dashboard.

  • Rail&Road


    We have developed the first web-based logistics software that fully integrates a transport management system into an ERP system. Our approach is to map all operative and internal processes of transport companies in a digital solution to implement automatisms...

  • Solverminds

    We want to reduce the loss and waste of pharmaceutical goods, food, chemicals and other perishable and damageable products worldwide.

  • Spedifort

    Advancing the freight forwarding industry in terms of digitalization and fighting the shortage of skilled workers in logistics professions - this is our declared goal at "INN-ovativ", a young software company from Bavaria...

  • New Technologies

    Spleen Lab

    Our goal is to remove the barrier between traditional ways of aerial mobility and the innovative AI-based opportunities. We are convinced, that a deeper understanding of the progressive potential for self-flying vehicles will change our behaviors of movement, transportation and aerial reconnaissance.

  • Strandkorb Jetzt

    Strandkorb Jetzt digitalizes the rental of beach chairs. Guests can book their beach chair anytime and from anywhere. Booking and payment is done online. You can access and lock the beach chair via smartphone.

  • Synfioo

    Synfioo is a real-time supply chain visibility platform that visualizes intermodal transport processes, including disruptions, and provides accurate forecasts of arrival times. With our proven ETA expertise, our solution adapts to the individual needs of intermodal supply chains of any size.

  • Rail&Road


    Tracks combines truck vehicle data and driving environment data with machine learning methods to predict the fuel consumption of trucks. Based on these predictive fuel analyses, truck fleet operators can make strategic decisions.

  • Trufi

    Trufi is a Hamburg-registered international NGO that supports public transport, especially in development markets. We make semi-formal urban transport fully accessible to millions of people in emerging big cities globally through the smartphones they already use.

  • Schifffahrt

    Trusted Docks helps shipowners to find the right shipyard for their maintenance projects in the designated region. Furthermore shipowners can monitor the progress of their project and the utalization of the choosen shipyard.

  • Logistics-as-a-Service


    The Munich-based start-up everstox is the operator and developer of the tech platform of the same name, which offers flexible, scannable and data-controlled warehouse logistics and fulfillment for e-commerce, B2B and retail via a European network of independent logistics providers.

  • Intralogistik


    We provide a variety of services in the sector of information technology. taliox helps their clients benefit from innovative and the most up-to-date technolgies. As digital natives of todays world, our team is able to deliver cutting edge software solutions by combining an intrinsic technical understanding with the latest results in research.

  • Beratung


    wehyve is an international transformation consulting firm that considers the factors people, brand, business, design and technology in its actions.




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